All you need for London

All the information you need to travel around London presented beautifully.

Journey Planner

Travel across London with the aid of an advance journey planner that uses the latest information from TfL to make complex routes easy.

Arrival Times

Get train and bus arrival times instantly. No more sending an SMS and waiting for a reply.


Feeling lost or in a new place? Find all the stations near you and get detailed information about them.

App Main Features

Beyond London

Plan journeys to most rail stations across the UK.

Oyster Balance

See the balance of all your Oyster cards on the go.

Network Status

Check the status of a train or bus line and get information on disruptions, routes, and more.



Your location and other sensitive information.


We never store your location or any information that can be used to identify you through your location. London Travel collects your location and transmits it to our servers anonymously, at this stage we either use your location directly or transmit it anonymously to a third-party to provide you the requested service.

Oyster Credentials

If you choose to use the Oyster feature your password is stored securely ONLY on your device, your username and password are never stored on our servers or outside your device by London Travel. The username and password are securely transmitted to our servers that use them to retrieve your Oyster card information from the TfL Oyster service.

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